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Hattersley was built in the 1960s as an overspill estate to resettle people from the inner suburbs of Manchester.  Initially it was an area of mostly social housing, but it is now undergoing major redevelopment and improvement.

Hattersley Community Church was planted in September 2002 by Mottram Evangelical Church with support from EDEN (a youth outreach project partnered with The Message Trust).

Today HCC has its own leadership and EDEN Hattersley has developed into Lifecentre Hattersley (a separate charitable company) to support the church in its calling to see our community transformed through the good news of Jesus. HCC is a church dedicated to serving the people of Hattersley.  The great majority of our members and the leadership team live in the local community.

We actively seek to support people of all ages through the life of the church and through our community outreach programme Life Centre Hattersley.

We do not have a church building of our own and meet each Sunday at Arundale Primary School with our friends from Mottram Evangelical Church, the service start at 10:30am, please come and join us!

During the week we meet in one another's homes for prayer and bible study. We work closely with Lifecentre Hattersley, Hattersley Baptist Church and Mottram Evangelical Church to see God's kingdom come in our locality.

Our fellowship welcomes and embraces people of all ages and backgrounds and encourages all to explore the good news that Jesus Christ is alive and that he will bring new life to anyone who believes.

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